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A social media simulator accessible on any internet enabled device, Triton provides an exercise focal point where all participants can follow the online reaction, just as they would in a real crisis.

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Our network of professional crisis responders can run training, create content and role-play journalists realistically, turning your classroom exercise into a highly realistic drill. Our network of crisis responders extends into 43 different countries.

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  • Marine Conservation Manager

    “Triton certainly added to the realism and by the end of each day I felt the same as I have when dealing with actual incidents – shattered, so that was definitely achieved!”

  • Lisa McAuliffeEnvironmental Response Lead Advisor, Petrofac

    “Triton has most certainly raised the profile of social media and its effects during an incident. It was most definitely one of the most talked about elements of the exercise.”

  • Liv KjoelsethSecretary General, Norwegian Afghanistan Committee

    “The Triton media simulator brought the exercise to life; the realistic content appearing on our screens really kept the pressure on our teams.”

  • Wai Lin TanHead of Corporate Communications at AET Tankers Pte Ltd

    “The exercise was a lot of fun and got everyone involved in a realistic context. The stream of simulated content demonstrated how quickly a story can evolve and how easily statements can be taken out of context.” 

  • Chris ConeybeerBBC Journalist

    “It felt just like the real thing. Great fun and very exciting. Most importantly, Triton gives participants the ability to check on what everyone else is doing! And I must say, that's an element of realism I've never experienced in an exercise before.”

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